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     > Rip Van Wafels

    With chewy centers on the inside between crispy layers on the outside, Rip van Wafels offer a versatile new twist on the classic waffles that inspired them.

    These treats can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. With yogurt or nut butter, possibly combined with fruit and nuts, they can be a satisfying morning snack or the main course of a nutritious breakfast. Unlike old-fashioned waffles, they’re easy to eat on the run, making them a convenient choice for savoring while commuting. In the afternoon, they’re yummy warmed over a hot beverage or eaten straight out of the package.

    Ingredients in Rip van Wafels include dairy products and no more than eight grams of sugar. These 130-calorie treats contain no GMOs, artificial flavors, trans fat, preservatives or high-fructose corn syrup.

    Rip van Wafels were the brainchild of Amsterdam native Rip Pruisken who was dismayed to learn that waffles were not a mainstay of the typical American coffee break. Thanks to him and the company he helped found, wafels -- as they are known in Holland --are now enjoyed from coast to coast in the U.S.

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    Rip Van Wafels
    Rip Van Wafels
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    Chai Flavors:

       Green Tea
       Spiced (Decaf)
       Spiced (LC)
       Spiced Apple
       Vanilla (NSA)

    Blended Ice
    Coffee Flavors:

       Caramel Latte
       Chocolate Malt
       Chocolate Mint
       Choc. Peanut Butter
       Dulce de Leche
       Heath Mocha
       Java Chip
       Kona Mocha
       Mocha (Decaf)
       Mocha (Low Carb)
       Mocha (NSA)
       Pralines & Cream
       Pprmint. Mocha
       Pumpkin Spiced
       Van. Latte
       Van. Latte (Decaf)
       Van. Latte (LC)
       Van. Latte (NSA)
       White Choc. Latte

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