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    Ceres Juice

    Globally popular Ceres beverages are a great choice when you want both the health benefits of 100 percent fresh fruit and surprising new flavors that result from imaginative blends. These drinks provide nourishing refreshment when taken alone, a flavorful complement with meals and a versatile base for shakes, smoothies and cocktails.

    Ceres takes pride in the purity of its products. Pure fruit juices contain 100 percent fruit juice. They have no added sugar, and no artificial preservatives or colors. Many juices start with a pear juice base with distinctive flavors added in the form of additional juices and purees. The purees are made by mashing the fruit to create a creamy paste or thick liquid consisting of pure fruit. Examples of blends include Secrets of the Valley, which combines pear, apple, and cherry and black currant juices. Medley of Fruits contains pear juice, guava puree, pineapple juice, papaya puree, mango puree, peach puree and passion fruit juice.

    Much of the fruit that makes these beverages so flavorful is grown in the lush Ceres Valley, which is named for the Roman goddess of fruitfulness and located near the tip of South Africa. More exotic fruit comes from sources around the globe. Using processes that are environmentally responsible, Ceres flash pasteurizes beverages and then pours them into sterilized packaging. These methods assure the drinks are fresh and crisp when they’re enjoyed in 84 countries in Africa, Europe, the Far East, Middle East, Asia and North America.

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    Chai Flavors:

       Green Tea
       Spiced (Decaf)
       Spiced (LC)
       Spiced Apple
       Vanilla (NSA)

    Blended Ice
    Coffee Flavors:

       Caramel Latte
       Chocolate Malt
       Chocolate Mint
       Choc. Peanut Butter
       Dulce de Leche
       Heath Mocha
       Java Chip
       Kona Mocha
       Mocha (Decaf)
       Mocha (Low Carb)
       Mocha (NSA)
       Pralines & Cream
       Pprmint. Mocha
       Pumpkin Spiced
       Van. Latte
       Van. Latte (Decaf)
       Van. Latte (LC)
       Van. Latte (NSA)
       White Choc. Latte

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