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    Monin Pour-Over Fruit Smoothies (Tropical): 46oz Carton

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    Monin Pour-Over Fruit Smoothies (Tropical): 46oz Carton NEW

    Serious Item Code: 55589

    Fruit Smoothies are tough not to love, and why bother resisting when you can have one without the preservatives and high fructose sweeteners? Monin's Pour-Over Smoothie mixes start with all natural ingredients and all natural flavors!
    Delicious fruit smoothies, in the flavor of your choice, are as easy as pouring over ice and hitting blend; but these juicy blends can also help make frozen margaritas, frosted fruit-flavored lemonades, and a whole host of cocktails convenient and super tasty!

    Artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners are left behind in exchange of the sweetly fresh flavors and gorgeously rich colors of real fruit and natural ingredients.
    Preservatives are excluded in favor of the aseptically sealed package that gives these smoothies a shelf life (unopened) of 12 months! Refrigerate after opening.

    $12.79 , 6/$81.96
    (Unit Price: $0.30 / oz.)

    Pina Colada 
    Strawberry Banana 

    Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Fat Free, Cholesterol Free, and maybe even Guilt Free!

    Example Recipes:

    Sparkling Strawberry Agua Fresca:
    • Fill 14 oz. serving glass with ice.
    • Pour 1oz. Strawberry Fruit Smoothie mix into serving glass
    • Add 6 oz. Club Soda or sparkling water of your choice.
    • Stir gently and garnish to preference.

    Frosted Mango Lemonade:
    • Fill 16 oz. serving glass with ice.
    • Add 7 oz. Mango Fruit Smoothie mix
    • Add 1oz Lemon Syrup
    • Pour into blender, blend until smooth and garnish to preference.

    Frosted Wildberry Cocktail:
    • Combine 5.5 oz. Wildberry Fruit Smoothie mix and 1.5 oz. Vodka in blender.
    • Fill 16 oz serving glass with ice, and add to blender.
    • Blend until smooth.
    • Garnish and serve.

    Flavor Profiles

    Strawberries grew wild in Italy, as far back as second century B.C.E., where the Romans held the red berry as a symbol for Venus, the goddess of love, because of its heart shape and color.
    A vibrant red color and the very fruity, dessert-sweet, berry aroma makes delicious promises and the flavor, ripe and juicy like dozens of strawberries exploding on your tastebuds.

    Often referred to as the "Apple of the Tropics", because it is so common in tropical and sub-tropical regions while beloved as an exotic treat through the rest of the world.
    A sunny orange-yellow color and the sweetly tropical aroma welcome your tastebuds to an island taste-cation: luxurious ripe Mango flavor that kicks with delicate Peach-Apricot like notes.

    Berries come in quite a variety of colors, shapes, and sweetly delicious flavors; wild berries are typically smaller than their cultivated brethren, but you've heard what they say about good things and small packages!
    A dark and sumptuous purple-red color and the aroma of a rich berries with a hint of cherry notes beckons the senses, as the swirl of blackberry, black raspberry, red raspberry, and blueberry delivers with a berry big blast of deliciousness.

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    Smoothies & Blended Ice Coffee > Fruit

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